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Torch On Membrane

Torch-on membrane waterproofing is a type of building waterproofing solution composed of bitumen and a variety of modified polymers. When applied to the surface of a structure, it prevents moisture and liquid from seeping through — which when ignored, can negatively impact the integrity of a building over time. Of course, Vroof waterproofing is a waterproof enterprise in Johor Bahru. So, we provides setup torch-on membrane services and other waterproof services.

2 Types of Torch-on Membrane Waterproof

Atactic Polypropylene Plastic modified asphalt (APP)
The bitumen in APP has a high temperature resistant elastic synthetic material. Thus, that makes it the perfect choice for those looking for enhanced protection from the sun and UV rays. In terms of application, APP melts easily when heated with a torch compared to the SBS board.

Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS)
This model is more elastic than APP because its raw material is rubber modified asphalt. It offers more flexibility in cold temperatures and handles variable weather, temperature and even contraction and extension loads well.

Applicable Scene of Torch-on Membrane

A torch-on membrane system is feasible for residential, commercial and industrial use. Similarly, it is specifically used to waterproof flat roofs, balconies and even planters, where puddles of water are common. In addition, they provide a high-quality, durable waterproof layer that waterproofs those normally untested areas, truly perfect for low-maintenance, hard-to-reach spots.

Installation of Torch-on Membrane

Vroof waterproofing provides installation of torch-on membrane. The beside videos are the process with Vroof waterproofing install torch-on membrane on roof.

Torch-on Membrane Johor Bahru (JB)

Vroof waterproofing is a waterproof enterprise in Johor Bahru. So, you could contact us or follow our Facebook page to get more detail. We could provide you with a setup torch-on membrane and eliminate your problem that moisture and liquid from seeping through.

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