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Polyurethane (PU) Injection

Polyurethane (PU) injection or grouting is a waterproofing technique that uses expanding injected polyurethane to prevent water leakage through and voids or cracks typically in concrete. Polyurethane injection is effective in solving water leakage issues, especially when applied on the lower floor ceiling or underside of the seepage area where the leak occurs. Of course, Vroof waterproofing is a waterproof enterprise in Johor Bahru. So, we provides polyurethane injection services and other waterproof services.

Advantages of polyurethane (PU) injection

  1. Non-invasive method of repair which do not require hacking
  2. Low levels of noise pollution
  3. Little dust or even dust-free if carried out properly
  4. Cost effective (generally a fraction of hacking method’s cost)
  5. Fast and effective (can usually be completed in one day for 1 toilet)
  6. Lifespan of up to 10 years (when properly carried out)

Process of polyurethane (PU) injection

1. Drilling and inserting of polyurethane injection ports

Firstly, Vroof waterproofing specialists will first drill holes into the leakage areas, usually cracks and voids and insert and tighten a metal injection port into the cored hole.

2. Protection of work areas

In addition, polyurethane injection is a non-invasive method of repair and is relatively clean. However there may be some dust and spillage of the grout material during the work itself. Hence proper protection using plastic sheets and cloth is very important.

3. Using a high pressure grouting machine

After that, Vroof waterproofing specialist will use a high pressure grouting machine to inject the polyurethane grout into the concrete via the injection ports. Each polyurethane injection port must be injected individually twice to ensure properly coverage of the grout material.

4. Removal of polyurethane injection ports & sealing up

After the grouting process has ended and grout has dried, the polyurethane injection ports must all be removed. Once the polyurethane injection ports have been removed, it is important to seal up the cored holes with waterproof cement compound.

5. Ensure no seepage

Lastly, check after check after check. Ensure that no seepage on affected damaged area.


Polyurethane (PU) injection Johor Bahru

Vroof waterproofing provide budget-friendly and reliable waterproofing services such as polyurethane injection in Johor Bahru. You may also check out our Facebook Page to explore more of our project. If you are interest in our service, kindly leave your message here and we will contact you.

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